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Getting the Lowest Cost Shipping

This guide shows you some ways to save on your shipping costs. From special commercial rate accounts to free supplies, this guide covers some ways for you to save 40% on your postage costs.

USPS Hold Mail

USPS Hold Mail is a service from the United States Postal Service that will stop the delivery of your mail. Great for pausing mail when you are on traveling and not able to empty your mailbox. This guide shows you ways to utilize this great, free service.


Where to Buy Stamps

You can now buy stamps from places other than the post office. We list some common stores and locations to find stamps that are often open more at more convenient hours. Did you know you could get your stamps from Wal-Mart?


USPS Holidays

This article lists all the federal holidays when post offices in the United States are closed. We also provide information on Good Friday and link to holiday send-by deadlines.


Small Business Shipping

If you are just starting out with an e-commerce store or adding online orders to your brick and mortar shop, this guide can help. We cover methods of setting up a good shipping process. We also include tips on the best carriers to use for your particular situation, all while saving money..

An Overview of LTL Freight

Whether you need to get a large shipment from the dock to your warehouse, or from a distribution center to a residence, you can utilize LTL freight. LTL means less than truckload. It is a good option for those shipments that are too large for regular parcel carriers, but too small to fill up a full tractor trailer.


USPS Flat Rate Boxes - What You Need To Know

Flat rate shipping is convenient, but may not always be the best deal. Flat Rate allows you to pay one price no matter what the weight of the item is (if it is under 70 pounds). If it fits into the pre-defined box provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS), it can ship for the flat rate price.


Shipping to Canada from the U.S

Your how-to guide to ship packages to our neighbors up north. Shipping can be complicated, even if the package is only taking a short trip across the border. This how-to article provides information on shipping restrictions and paperwork requirements for shipping to Canada.


Shipping to Mexico from the U.S.

Your how-to guide to ship packages to our neighbors down south. Shipping can be complicated, even if the package is only taking a short trip across the border to Mexico. This how-to article provides information on shipping restrictions and paperwork requirements for shipping to Mexico.

Freight Forwarding: Transport Goods Safely and Efficiently

This article will help you understand freight forwarding by defining a freight forwarder's services and responsibilities. From this article, you'll also gain some knowledge on how to find and choose a freight forwarder. Get the best price while maintaining a good relationship with your freight shipping provider.

Everything You Need To Know About Freight Factoring

Get the basics on freight factoring and how you can use it to get paid on your freight by purchasing your accounts receivable. If you have an invoice that is net 60, but need to get paid immediately, look into factoring to get an advance based on your invoice.


Buy Stamps Online (books or a single postage stamp)

We show you the places that sell postage stamps online. We also show you how to buy a single stamp online that you can print yourself using the Easypost API and Postman tool.


Standard Shipping within the United States, How long does it take?

When it comes to delivery options, the quickest ones are usually the most expensive – and as a buyer, you’ll typically opt for the cheapest delivery option available as long as you get the product by the time you need it. Get an idea of how long your shipment will take using this reference.

How to Address an Envelope

Making sure you get the address format correct on an envelope can be intimidating, especially if you've never mailed a letter before. We provide an easy to understand guide with photos that summarize the official USPS address formatting guidelines.

How to Schedule a Free USPS Pickup

Have a package to ship? Avoid going to the post office. Schedule a pickup instead! This guide fills you in on what you need to know to get your parcel picked up by the USPS at no cost.

All You Need to Know About doing a USPS Address Change

When you move to a new house or change business locations, you'll want to have your mail automatically forwarded by the United States Postal Service. This guide will show you how to make the change easily and inexpensively.

A Guide and Checklist for Changing Your Business Address

This guide lets you know who to notify when changing your office or business address. It takes a little bit more than your regular residential change. We also provide you with a handy checklist to help you be comprehensive with all your notifications.