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Getting the Lowest Cost Shipping

This guide shows you some ways to save on your shipping costs. From special commercial rate accounts to free supplies, this guide covers some ways for you to save 40% on your postage costs.

USPS Hold Mail

USPS Hold Mail is a service from the United States Postal Service that will stop the delivery of your mail. Great for pausing mail when you are on travelling and not able to empty your mailbox.

This guide shows you ways to utilize this great, free service.

Where to Buy Stamps

You can now buy stamps from places other than the post office. We list some common stores and locations to find stamps that are often open more at more convenient hours.

Did you know you could get your stamps from Wal-Mart?

USPS Holidays

This article lists all the federal holidays when post offices in the United States are closed. We also provide information on Good Friday and link to holiday send-by deadlines.