Nobody likes paying more than they need to. This site will help you get an idea of shipping prices from various carriers.

Usually, figuring out how much it costs to ship something is a bit of a chore. You'll first need to know how much your parcel weighs, then you'll need to measure out the dimensions of the shipping box. To use most shipping calculators, you'll also need to know the full address you'll be shipping to.

Sometimes you don't have a scale or measuring tape handy. Other times, say if you want to list something on Etsy or Ebay, you don't know where your customer lives quite yet, but you just want a shipping estimate so you know how to price your item. This site makes all that easy!

Using this Site

With this site, you just need to click around on a map. The first click will fill in your "From Address", the second click will fill in the "To Address". You just need to click on the general city to get a ballpark price. You can always edit the fields manually. Most shipping carriers operate on zones. How far your start address and delivery destination are from each other will determine the appropriate rate.

Next, you'll need the shipping dimensions and weight of the package. Click on the icon of an item to prefill the weight and dimensions. If you know the shipping size and weight of your package, you can edit the fields for better accuracy. No need to bust out the postage scale or visit 3 different sites for quotes. Enter your information once and shipping prices for the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS will be displayed in a single table.

Price Quotes and Discounts

The prices quoted on this site are retail rates. You can get easily get discount rates for most carriers, even if you don't ship in large quantities. They generally require you to open up an account online, some charge a monthly fee to get a discount, but there are a few options that are free! (Well, you still have to pay for the postage, you just pay less!). See the shipping discounts section for more tips.

While guessing weights and dimensions work for getting a rough shipping estimate, you'll need exact measurements when actually purchasing a shipping label. Before you get can ship anything online, be sure you have the exact weight and dimensions of your package. If you don't provide accurate measurements, your package will either be sent back to you, or you may end up getting charged a fine, so don't skip this step.

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