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How to Use this Site

Fill in your addresses and shipment dimensions. Click "Get Rates"

Head to the home page.

Start typing your origin ZIP code or city namein the "From City" field. Select from the autocomplete options.
Do the same for the "To City" field. This field is for the destination city of the parcel.

After filling out the cities, enter in the length, height, width, and weight of your package.

Click the "Get Rates" button.
The button will only be active when you fill out all the fields. It can take about 10 seconds or more to calculate and retreive the shipping rates.

Sources of Price Quotes and Discounts

This site compares retail and discount rates of USPS, FedEx and UPS

Discounts this site uses in its price quotes:

  • USPS: This site returns Commercial Base Prices. The prices can be gotten from accounts on Shippo, Paypal,, Endicia.
  • UPS: This Shippo discount is used.
  • FedEx: This discount is used.

You can get easily get discount rates for most carriers, even if you don't ship in large quantities. They generally require you to open up an account online, some charge a monthly fee to get a discount, but there are a few options that are free! (Well, you still have to pay for the postage, you just pay less!). See the shipping discounts guide for more tips. While guessing weights and dimensions work for getting a rough shipping estimate, you'll need exact measurements when actually purchasing a shipping label. Before you get can ship anything online, be sure you have the exact weight and dimensions of your package. If you don't provide accurate measurements, your package will either be sent back to you, or you may end up getting charged a fine, so don't skip this step.