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Click on the button below to continue to Shippo. The discounted USPS rates you see on this site are Commercial Base prices. Shippo is one of the easiest places to get these discounted shipping labels online. Take advantage of the USPS savings as soon as you sign up! No need to negotiate any fees or wait for an application process. Buy your label in a few minutes.

Signing up now will get you $10 in credits after shipping your first two packages.

If you’d like more details, the article below describes how straight forward it is to buy shipping labels online from Shippo.

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* Savings vary depending on weight and size of package. 88% savings are from a 20 pound (9 x 6 x 2 in) package going from San Francisco, CA to Bethesda, MD. The shipping label was purchased from Shippo.

How to Buy Shipping Labels Online

This guide shows you how to buy shipping labels online so that you can pack and ship your packages without leaving the house. We’ll specifically cover USPS mailing labels for packages, since they generally provide the best blend of prices and shipping times. They also provide free pick-up from most addresses in the United States.

You’ll save both time and money by printing the labels yourself. The savings can be nearly 90% off retail rates in certain situations.

This guide will show you how to buy labels online without having to pay any monthly subscription fees.

1. Choose a label provider.

We recommend Shippo for its discounted pricing, easy to use interface, and no monthly fee. For the small business or individual who doesn’t ship massive quantities every month, it doesn't make sense to pay for any subscription shipping software.

Do a search on “shipping software” and you’ll find a lot of options to choose from. You may have already heard of Stamps.comsingle pixel, Endicia, ShipStation (which are all part of the same company now), and Pitney Bowes, but they all require monthly subscriptions.

USPS has their Click-and-Ship program, which doesn't have monthly fees, but it also doesn't allow you to buy labels for First-Class packages or Parcel Select. They only give you the option to buy Priority, Express, and flat rate options.

Another set of options is to use a shipping API. Easypost is a shipping API that offers USPS Commercial Plus rates by default. It also alows for multi-carrier shipping, but doesn't come with any user interface. You'd have to program one yourself. It's a good option if you now how to code.

Shippo is the best of both worlds. It has a shipping API if your company grows to need it. It also has a easy to use web interface. They have the option of paying per label. They've curently removed all fees, so your only cost is the discounted postage.

The Shippo account comes default with Commercial Base rates activated. You'll be saving around 20% to 40% for most shipments but savings can be up toward 88% off.

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2. Login and "Create Order".

Login to Shippo and click the "Create Label" button.

screenshot of shippo interface with arrow pointing to create button

3. Enter Sender and Recipient information.

Type in your "Sender" ("From" address) and "Recipient" ("To" address) information. Shippo has a nice autocomplete feature to help you save time on typing. Click "Save and continue".

screenshot of sender and recipient form on shippo site

4. Enter Package Measurements.

In this screen, you can choose from carrier provided parcels, such as flat rate shipping boxes. If you are using your own box, choose "Enter Custom Dimensions".

screenshot of package dimensions form on shippo site

5. Buy Label.

You can attach your other shipping accounts to Shippo and buy from their easy to use interface. As you can see from the below screenshot, Shippo offers some massive savings.

The packaged used in this example was 9 x 6 x 2 inches. It weighed 20 pounds and was going from San Francisco, CA to Bethesda, MD.

Be sure to connect your UPS and FedEx accounts to Shippo so that you can see their prices as well.

screenshot of shipping prices from various carriers on shippo site. arrow points to usps priority price of $8.25 and indicates price would be $50 if purchased through USPS click and shipscreenshot of shippo ups price examplesscreenshot of shippo fedex price examples

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USPS, UPS and FedEx discounts. No monthly fees.

6. Print and Ship.

Once you've purchased your shiping label, you can use any ordinary printer to print it out. You don't need a special self-adhesive label. Just use some clear tape and affix the label to your box.

To skip the lines at the post office, schedule a free USPS pick-up, online.

By signing up to Shippo, you not just saved some money, but also got to skip the lines at the post office!

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