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5 min read
Curious about the cost of a book of stamps? Our guide covers everything you need to know about buying postage in bulk, including current prices, where to purchase stamps, and tips for saving money. Discover the answers to your postage-related questions and never be caught without stamps again!
3 min read
YES, you can use a Bankers Box to ship your documents. We show you the specific shipping box they have designed with example shipping rates.
2 min read
As a small business, every penny counts. Knowing the best shipping rates for small business might make a huge difference towards reaching your goals!
10 min read
Your how-to guide to ship packages to our neighbors up north. Learn about prohibited items, duties, forms, and compare the cheapest ways to ship.
Updated: Published: 9 min read
Your how-to guide for shipping packages to our neighbors down south. This guide provides the things you need to consider for international shipping.
Updated: Published: 15 min read
Streamline your shipping workflow and learn how to get the cheapest shipping rates for your small business.
Updated: Published: 7 min read
Standard shipping is usually a ground service that is the most economical. Depending on which carrier is used, speed can range from 2 to 8 days.