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Can you ship Bankers Boxes?

Yes, you can ship using a Bankers Box, but you should use one specifically for mailing. Another option is to place your Bankers Box in a sturdy shipping box. While the USPS will ship anything that’s properly addressed with postage (even coconuts and potatoes), chances are the documents you are shipping require a bit more […]

Shipped with AMAUS – What does it mean?

If you’ve purchased something from and go to check your tracking, you may be surprised to see it saying “Shipped with AMAUS“, instead of “Shipped with USPS” or other carrier. This just means that is is being shipped with Amazon’s own delivery service. You’ll often seem them with their blue branded Amazon vans, but […]

Why and How to Get Prepaid Shipping Return Labels from USPS

Winning customer loyalty among today’s online shoppers takes more than a retailer’s merchandise — especially when that merchandise must be returned or exchanged. At the frequency of today’s online shopping, customers may understand that returns are just par for the course — an inevitable part of a highly-digital process. But it can still be a […]

Ranked: The 5 Best-Selling Shipping Label Printers of 2022

Shipping label printers can quickly become an e-commerce merchant’s best friend, and not just for getting you out the post office line — though a fantastic selling point for many.  Today, they’re saving merchants time, money and complexity across fulfillment and beyond. All from a single low-profile, low-impact device that fits seamlessly into workstreams. For […]

Sendle Review – Easy Carbon Neutral Shipping Within the United States

Learn about this low-cost, carbon-neutral shipping option. It’s convenient and easy, with no minimums. Sendle is a shipping company that launched in the United States in 2019. It partners with local carriers to provide affordable shipping prices. You let them know the size and weight of the package you want to ship, and they create […]

Finding the Best Price: Which Is Cheaper UPS or USPS?

When asking the question, which is cheaper: UPS or USPS? The simple answer depends on a number of factors. What do you want to send? A letter, a small or large package? Where are you sending it and how quickly do you want it to get there? With any service, heavier packages or quicker services […]

How to Calculate Shipping Costs

If you’re not a frequent shipper of packages: a) you’re not alone; and b) just the idea of shipping something might seem both intimidating and costly. There are a whole host of options from where to buy postage and shipping labels these days. You can buy shipping postage directly from the carriers like USPS, FedEx, […]

USPS Service FAQ: How Fast Is Priority Mail?

The USPS (United States Postal Service) offers various shipping services. There are three main shipping service tiers that most people think about are Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and First Class Package. The major differentiation is the speed of the service and its costs. Priority Mail Express is the fastest and most expensive shipping service […]

How To Ship Internationally: A Quick Guide

Understanding how to ship internationally for the first time can be overwhelming, but once you know the basic ins and outs of the different carriers, you can get the best international shipping rates that are right for you. Whether you run an e-commerce company or just ship occasionally, it’s good to know a few general […]

USPS Shipping Guide: Rates, Calculator, And Chart

Whether you are running an eCommerce business, or are a frequent shipper, USPS is undoubtedly one of the best shipping options that provides reliability and affordability when shipping parcels. A USPS shipping calculator can automatically provide you with all the best pricing options available, but to help you better understand which USPS service level is […]

Your Shipping Label: A Complete Guide

With so many moving parts in the lifecycle of a delivery, a label may be one of the most critical components to figure out.  Your label will guide those handling your package of the desired destination every step of the way, while also illustrating its origins, should anything go amiss.  Unclear or inaccurate labeling could […]

Is Priority Mail Express the Best Overnight Shipping Service?

With a variety of overnight shipping costs and services out there, could Priority Mail Express be the cheapest overnight option?

How to Find the Cheapest International Shipping

Finding the cheapest international shipping rates doesn’t have to be a challenge! Familiarize yourself with these international services across couriers.

Know the Service: Parcel Select Lightweight and Ground

Parcel Select Ground is a lifesaver for bulk shipments. With a variety of solutions, like Parcel Select Lightweight, USPS is working to save you money.

FedEx vs UPS: Which Is Best?

FedEx vs UPS, UPS vs FedEx – which business model is going to give you more reliable service, cheaper rates, and a better deal? Read on for the answer!

How to Ship a Package: a Complete Guide

Sending a package is something we will all encounter at some point; you might want to send a gift to a friend, return an order, or send off a product to a paying client.  Knowing how to ship a package is a key skill to getting by in an increasingly global world.  I always imagine […]

The 4 Best Shipping Companies for Small Businesses 2022

As a small business, every penny counts. Knowing the best shipping rates for small business might make a huge difference towards reaching your goals!

USPS Shipping Calculator and FAQs

USPS shipping rates don’t need to be a mystery. Did you know that the USPS Shipping Calculator can calculate your exact shipping costs? Learn more here!

Can You Ship Alcohol Via Mail?

We all know alcohol makes a great gift, but legally, can you ship alcohol via UPS, USPS, or Fedex? Read up on the rules before you buy your stamps!

Choosing the Right Service: USPS First Class vs Priority vs Ground

With options like USPS first class vs priority, vs ground, you might wonder which best suits your needs. Know the difference before you send your package!