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USPS Shipping Calculator and FAQs

USPS shipping rates don’t need to be a mystery. Did you know that the USPS Shipping Calculator can calculate your exact shipping costs? Learn more here!

Can You Ship Alcohol Via Mail?

We all know alcohol makes a great gift, but legally, can you ship alcohol via UPS, USPS, or Fedex? Read up on the rules before you buy your stamps!

Choosing the Right Service: USPS First Class vs Priority vs Ground

With options like USPS first class vs priority, vs ground, you might wonder which best suits your needs. Know the difference before you send your package!

How to Address a Package for Shipping (USPS, FedEx, UPS)

Shipping a package can be a bit confusing. Once you’ve figured out how to properly pack and weigh everything, you’ll want to ensure you’ve written the destination address on a package or parcel in the proper format so that the mail carrier delivers it correctly. Well, if you know how to address an envelope for […]

Getting and Using USPS Money Orders

Think of a money order as having all the advantages of a check without needing a bank account. A money order is a piece of paper that’s a safe alternative to cash or personal checks when sending money to someone. Your local USPS post office will issue this certificate to allow a payee to receive […]

All You Need To Know About Mailbox Rentals

Mail Box Rental Services If you are a frequent online shopper who often gets packages at your home or business address stolen, consider renting a private mailbox with a trustworthy mailing service. When you rent a mailbox, your mail and parcels are securely locked in private boxes, ready for you to collect at your convenience. […]